We are here to guide you when your loved one is in need of care.

Here to Help

The complex health care network can be both intimidating and confusing while using up valuable time that a son, daughter or family member could spend with their loved one.  When managing the care of a loved one becomes too difficult, an Aging Care Professional(TM) can help. 

Licensed Professionals

We are licensed and certified aging life care professionals in Chambersburg and the surrounding South Central Pennsylvania community, with experience in assessment and care planning.  We listen to the needs of the senior and the family and pull together available resources to meet the elderly relative's care needs.

Cost-Effective Care Options

Aging Care Professionals are a cost effective alternative to families expending time and money trying to figure out health care decisions.  Avail Care Managers is a professional geriatric care management company in Chambersburg and we are here to help.  You do not have to do it on your own!

Avail Care Managers in Chambersburg is a professional geriatric care management team of Aging Life Care Professionals (TM) servicing South Central Pennsylvania.