A geriatric care manager/ Aging Life Care Manager (TM) will conduct a comprehensive assessment with the senior and their family members to determine specific needs of the individual and concerns.  With experience in Occupational Therapy and Geriatric Care Management, we are experts in assessing a person's function including capabilities and limitations in all areas of independent living.   Assessments are completed at a location that is convenient to the client:  home, work, hospital, nursing home or other setting.  Areas assessed include:

  • Health Status
  • Living Situation
  • Safety Issues
  • Financial Concerns
  • Cognitive Status

Problems are identified and creative solutions are established to meet an individual's care needs.


Home Safety Evaluations

As part of the comprehensive assessment, Avail Care Managers, LLC takes an in depth look at the physical environment of the individual's home and provides recommendations for improving safety.

Resource Referral Services

Recommendations for services are made based upon a thorough knowledge of the local healthcare industry and its offerings, as well as, the needs of the individual.

Comprehensive Care Plan Development

Information is pulled from the assessment to formulate a workable and affordable step-by-step action plan.  This plan incorporates input from family members, caregivers, and the client.  Family meetings are held to educate family and the client on available options and solutions to problems.

Ongoing Care Management

Short term and long term coordination of the individual care plan including assistance with selection of, implementation of, and monitoring of services within the home.  Professional care management also includes accompaniment to medical appointments with ongoing communication to designated family contacts to report findings.

Evaluation of Housing Alternatives

Clients and families are assisted in evaluating alternative housing when needed.  Recommendations for appropriate level of housing or residential options are made based on needs.

Caregiver Support

Professional insight is provided to address on-going concerns, resolve immediate problems, adapt to changes in loved one's function, and understand options throughout the continuum of care.